Monshiro's Environmental Initiatives

Our business activities are based on the blessings of abundant nature.

We believe that we have a mission to give due consideration to the impact of our business activities, leave the same environment as before, and pass it on to the next generation.

At Monshiro, there are four priority issues for sustainability in terms of the environment: "effective use and circulation of resources," "response to climate change," "conservation of biodiversity," and "environmental consideration in products and services." We are engaged in environmental activities centered on this.








● monshiro Farm (モンシロ 自社農園)

Monshiro farm produces completely pesticide-free crops by taking advantage of the rich "Satoyama" environment. We grow a wide variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers, and we grow plants by the power of nature without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers by companion plants (co-prosperity crops).

By modifying the "Satoyama", we will prepare an ecosystem in which living things circulate and realize a life that coexists with nature.

In addition, as an initiative to make carbon generated during delivery carbon-free, we have established an O2 Farm (oxygen farm) in the farm and planted it for each delivery to achieve carbon neutrality.







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