Dance (2021FW)

The image movie was danced by two men and women who are contemporary dancers.
Dancers Takayoshi and Aika are active in Europe, mainly in Berlin, based in 〝Satoyama〟Satoyama, which is rich in nature.

I felt that there was something in common with the desire to express in nature, so I asked him to appear this time.
The movements of the two of us at the moment when we met were very organic and fit the image of this time.

We only told them the concept of the collection and did not make any detailed orders to them.
Because, I am trust them.

The fiery red nerine flowers I saw in autumn are so vivid
The expressions of the two were wonderful, and the hours of shooting that they danced in front of me were very exciting and luxurious.
The location I used for shooting was an old Japanese warehouse〝KURA〟 in the mountains, and the snow scene reflected outside the window was fantastic, making it an unforgettable time.






7月 24, 2021
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