When I was making this collection, I had a baby in my stomach and worked on a new work while feeling her fetal movement.
The baby is a girl, and when this child was born, I wanted to show a lot of beautiful things, and it was a season when I thought “I want to make beautiful
This time, my friends who happened to give new lives at the same time are involved in the production of the collection image.

Marin, an illustrator, finished the illustration of the plants that symbolize the collection as a catalog image.
She is an illustrator living in Paris and was given a baby at the same time as me.
Mia, who modeled this time, was a pregnant woman who was 7 months old at that time. A baby will be born soon.
And Mr. Sakai, who produced the image video, and his wife gave birth to a baby during the production.

The mysterious baby’s fetal movement, the baby’s scent, voice, warmth, and the happy signs of the five senses
It overlapped with the feeling in nature that I remember when I made my work, and it became an inspiration for creating beautiful things.
It was a very beautiful work session because it was common with everyone who was involved this time.


赤ちゃんはは女の子で、この子が生まれてきたら美しい物をたくさん見せてあげたい、”綺麗な物を作りたい” と思い取り組んだシーズンでした。



十一月 09, 2020
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