As a private matter, I gave birth to my third daughter, the third daughter, in June, and I am enjoying my life with a baby after a long absence.

Forgetting completely about infant care, But, looking at the face of my child who laughs no matter how sleepy it feels good. I think my mother’s power is amazing.

After all, it is the power of plants that supports my hard days.

Those who ask me to maintain my body are familiar with aromas and herbs, so I am learning about them and taking them in every day.

During pregnancy, I used to drink the ”echinacea essential” in tea or water to maintain the immune system.

The taste doesn’t change, so if my children likely to get sick, I’ll call it “flower medicine.”

After birth, lavender and lemon essential oils helped stabilize postnatal blood pressure.

When used in the bedroom, your baby will sleep well and you can relax.

I had a sudden rise in blood pressure, and when I looked for the cause, it was an insect repellent made with the essential oil of mint that children used.

By the way, even during delivery, when the birth did not proceed smoothly, I sniffed the scent of juniper berries and proceeded smoothly.

While enjoying the scent, I feel very comfortable being able to manage my physical condition, and I would like to learn more about herbs.







ほとんど味が変わらなので子供達も、体調を崩しそうな時は ”お花のお薬” と言って一緒に飲んでます。







September 03, 2020
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